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Terry Burrus, TeBeeCee Terry Burrus , Fifa TB, Go-Get-Im, TB Unlimited, Black DNA Terry BurrusNorthern Wing, TBF (Terry Burrus Faces) skin care, makeup, nails and hair care products, TERRY NEW YORK (TNY), Faction, Babyskin Terry Burrus, Blackjection and Burrus Couture, are premium lifestyle brands for men, women and youth created in 2012 by American musician-record producer-fashion designer executive Terry Burrus. Terry Burrus Clothiers and Fragrance Company in its New York headquarters located at 48 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005 also has other office locations at 9107 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA. 90210 and 90 Avenue Des Champs Elysee Paris, France 75008 with operations and cooperation in Asia, Canada and Europe. One of the biggest parts of the Burrus vision is to create new and exciting jobs in the global market during the harsh economic times. The brands embodies fashion for the corporate and reflects the current expression of elegance in today's context. Terry Burrus Clothiers  believe that the design drivers for the brands are fashion and sophistication. The brands covers all aspects of an individual's clothing needs, be it corporate wear, casual wear, party wear or ceremonial wear, making it a complete lifestyle company that we strive for. The core audience are professionals and corporate executives - men and women who are successful, focused, articulate, well-travelled, confident and have a sense of style about them with a modest price to fit all. They pursue success just as they do their other interests and passions, learning and exploring everything that comes their way.


The world is changing.


From socio-conditions to trends in fashion, the world as we know it is constantly evolving. When it comes to the genders too, there are no strict lines or rules to define role responsibilities. Women are no longer confined within the four walls of their homes. They compete with men on the same platforms and are at par, if not better. But partaking in this race means that they have to strive harder to get what they want from life. Whether it's their responsibilities on the job, at home or their closets, they're perfectionists constantly thriving to out do themselves. And that's where Terry Burrus wishes to come in to assist them.


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